Ars Libri

Ars Libri specializes in offering for sale and placing the private research libraries of leading scholars in the fields of art history, archaeology, architecture and design: each collection is offered for sale en bloc. We work with museums, universities and private collectors worldwide.

Available Collections

Palaeography, Codicology & Diplomatics: The Library of Rodney Gove Dennis Keeper of Manuscripts, The Houghton Library, Harvard University

Part I, Manuscripts & Books Printed Before 1800 (28 titles in 32 volumes) & Part II, Reference Works (360 titles in 412 volumes)

Central Asia: The Library of Dr. Eden Naby

1,041 titles in ca. 1,150 volumes

Contemporary Architecture and Design: The Library of Oscar Riera Ojeda

Part One: Architecture and Interior Design -- Part Two: Photography, Fashion, Graphic Design, Product Design
3,158 titles in circa 3,375 volumes volumes

Forthcoming (cataloging in process)

Architecture & Architectural Theory: The Library of Professor Joseph Rykwert

Partial list, August 2020 (projected to be circa 25,000-30,000 volumes)

Armenian Studies: The Dickran K. Kouymjian Library and Archive

Ars Libri is currently cataloguing the finest library and archive pertaining to Armenian Studies in private hands. In addition to a collection of over 10,000 volumes on Armenia and related fields such as Islamic/Near Eastern and Byzantine Studies, the collection has a large archival component covering such topics as Armenian manuscripts and illumination, the Armenian genocide, Armenian film, modern Armenian artists, musicians and the theatre, the Armenian diaspora. Among specific archives is a major William Saroyan collection including a large collection of Saroyan’s drawings and paintings and a large archive of the Armenian filmmaker Sergei Paradjanov including manuscripts, collages and film scripts. The archive also includes some 25,000 slides and photographs. There is also a substantial collection of historic maps of Armenia.

projected to be 10,000 volumes

Rare Books, Prints, Documents, Archives

  • 100 Hallmarks of the Enlightenment. Scientific Knowledge in the Age of Enlightenment: The State of the Art in 18th Century France
  • 100 titles in circa 1,275 volumes

  • The Juliet Kepes Archive (illustrated prospectus)
  • The papers and artwork of the distinguished and innovative children’s book writer and illustrator, who also worked as an artist in a number of other fields relating to children, designing environmental spaces, murals, sculpture, and textiles.

    Selected collections sold by Ars Libri

  • American Art: The Library of Prof. William H. Gerdts (1929-2020), Professor Emeritus, City University of New York Graduate Center

    Part One: 11,446 titles in over 11,750 volumes

  • American Art: The Library of Prof. William H. Gerdts (1929-2020), Professor Emeritus, City University of New York Graduate Center

    Part One: 11,446 titles in over 11,750 volumes

  • The History of Photography: The Research Library of the Mack Lee Gallery

    2,633 titles in circa 3,140 volumes

  • “Asia is One.” The Art and Civilization of East- and Southeast Asia: The Library of Dr. Jan Fontein (1927 - 2017), Former Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    4,083 titles in circa 4,800 volumes

  • Islamic Archaeology, Art & Architecture in their Cultural Context: The Library of Prof. Richard & Dr. Elizabeth Ettinghausen

    6,575 titles in circa 7,950 physical volumes

  • The Art of Ancient Greece, with an emphasis on Greek Vase Painting: The Library of Prof. Dr. Norbert Kunisch, former director of the Antiquities Department of the Museum of Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, author of a number of volumes of the ”Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Deutschland”

    1,113 titles in over 1,235 volumes

  • Ancient Art & Archaeology, Mostly Greek: The Library of Prof. Dr. Werner Rudolf Fuchs, Professor emeritus, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster
    including a portion of the library of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Herbig (as well as books from the libraries of Gustav Herbig and Rudolf Pagenstecher)

    2,842 titles in circa 3,600 volumes

  • Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Art, with a concentration on Western Greek Art: The Library of Professor Nancy Winter, Distinguished Senior Researcher, The Ancient Mediterranean Studies Program, University of California at Santa Barbara

    631 titles in circa 650 volumes

  • Interconnections in the Ancient Near East: the Civilizations of the Aegean, Asia Minor, Western Asia and their Neighbors in the Balkans, Southern & Central Asia. The Library of Professor Dr. Harald Hauptmann, Universität Heidelberg

    6,081 titles in circa 8,150 physical volumes

  • Architectural History: The Library of Henry A. Millon, Founding Director, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (CASVA), National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

    4,908 titles in over 5,550 volumes

  • Late Antique, Early Christian, Byzantine & Medieval Art and Architecture: The Library of Professor Cecil L. Striker (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)
  • 2,695 titles in circa 3,635 volumes

  • Early Christian & Byzantine Art, Architecture & Archaeology: The Library of Prof. Dr. Urs Peschlow, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • 2,416 titles in circa 2,750 volume

  • The Ancient World: Eastern Hellenism and Related Subjects: Greece, the Black Sea Region, Caucasus, Western- & Central Asia, the Indus Valley & India
  • 3010 titles in circa 3550 volumes

  • The Ancient World: Ancient Egypt (including an important group of books on Graeco-Roman Egypt of the Ptolemaic Period).
    The Library of Dr. Norbert Dürring (Achet-Verlag, Berlin) with completions from the libraries of Dr. Edna R. Russmann, Senior Curator, Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art (Brooklyn Museum of Art) Hofrat Professor Dr. Wilfried Seipel (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien) and Prof. Dr. Günter Dreyer (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Cairo).
  • 3010 titles in circa 3550 volumes

  • Archaeology of the Ancient Near East and the Arabian Peninsula: The Library of Prof. Robert H. Dyson, Jr., Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, 1979-1982; Director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum,1982-1994
  • 959 titles in circa 1,200 volume

  • Archaeology of Sindh and Related Areas of Southern Asian Archaeology and Cultural History: The Library of Professor Louis Flam, Lehman College, City University of New York
  • 1,567 titles in circa 1,650 volumes

  • 20th Century Design and Craft: The Library of Philip Aarons
  • 965 titles in circa 981 volumes

  • American Art: The Library of Prof. Patricia Hills, Professor Emerita, American Art & African American Art, Boston University. With important completions from The Library of Prof. Jules David Prown, Paul Mellon Professor Emeritus, History of Art American Art and Material Culture, Yale University
  • 3824 titles in circa 3950 volumes

  • Art of France from the French Revolution to the End of the Third Republic, 1790-1940: The Library of Prof. Eric G. Carlson. Part I: General Reference Works and Monographs on Artists, with a special emphasis on prints and printmaking
  • 5094 titles in circa 5,640 volumes

  • Mediaeval Art and Architecture. The Library of Ronald R. Atkins, Esq, (Columbia Law School, J.D., 1959)
  • 2503 titles in ca. 2800 volumes

  • Contemporary Art: The Margo Leavin Gallery Library
  • 7486 items in circa 7695 volumes

  • The Research Library of Arlene Cooper Senior Research Assistant, Department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
    Textiles, Costume & Fashion with Important Groups of Books on Central Asian, Indian & Islamic Textile Traditions
  • 1780 titles in circa 1900 volumes

  • The Reference Library of Hauswedell & Nolte, Hamburg, Germany: Bibliography and Book History
  • 2166 titles in circa 3825 volumes

  • Eastern Hellenism and Related Areas of Ancient Art and Archaeology: The Library of Professor Paul Bernard, Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan (DAFA)
  • 4183 titles in circa 5115 volumes

  • The Library of Hofrat Professor Dr. Wilfried Seipel, Director General Emeritus of the State Museums of Vienna, Austria:
    A. Ancient Egyptian Civilization: Including the Library of Walter Kaiser, late Director of the German Archaeological Institute, Cairo, Egypt. Circa 2000 volumes
    B. Art History. Circa 4000 volumes

  • The Library of R. Craig Miller: 20th and 21st Century Design & Architecture
  • 1864 titles in circa 2150 volumes

  • The Library of Wayne Andersen
  • Part One: Modern Art: 19th and 20th Centuries -- Part Two: Art Theory
    2092 titles in 2106 volumes

  • Dutch and Flemish Art, The Golden Age: The Library of Walter A. Liedtke, Curator of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • 2118 titles in circa 2300 volumes

  • The Decorative Arts Library of Yvonne Brunhammer, former Director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
  • 3534 titles in circa 3950 volumes

  • Modernist Scholarship: The E.C. Goossen Archive
  • The Library of Dr. David Nelson Gimbel. Part I: The Ancient Near East. Part II: World Archaeology
  • 2191 titles in circa 3000 volumes

  • Renaissance and Baroque Art & Architecture : The Libraries of Professor Craig Hugh Smyth and Professor Robert Munman
  • 2578 titles in circa 3000 volumes

  • Eurasian Art and Archaeology: The Library of Prof. Dr. Maurizio Tosi
  • 1715 titles in ca. 2000 physical volumes.

  • Egyptology : The Library of Prof. Dr. Jac. J. Janssen
  • 2013 titles in ca. 3500 physical volumes.

  • Urbanism: The Library of Professor Julian Beinart
  • 1458 titles in circa 1570 physical volumes

  • The Ancient World: Greece, Rome, Egypt
  • 2086 titles in circa 2635 physical volumes.

  • The Library of Professor Leo Steinberg
  • 4164 titles in ca. 4600 physical volumes.

  • The Indus Valley & Ancient India: The Library of Professor Gregory L. Possehl, University of Pennsylania
  • 2095 titles in over 2650 physical volumes

  • The Arthur & Charlotte Vershbow Reference Library

  • Part I: The History of the Book from Medieval Manuscripts to the 20th Century, with Particular Emphasis on the History of Book Illustration. 937 titles in 1,198 physical volumes
    Part II: The Illustrated Book in Japan. 291 titles in 369 physical volumes

  • Archaeology: Central & Western Asia, The Arabian Peninsula: The Library of Professor C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky,Stephen Phillips Professor of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University

  • Part I: Old World Archaeology with an Emphasis on Western- and Central Asia, the Indus Valley and the Arabian Peninsula.
    Part II: New World Archaeology. 3431 titles in circa 4000 volumes.

  • Graeco-Roman Civilization: The Library of Prof. Dr. Günter Grimm
  • The late Professor Dr. Günter Grimm, Archaeologisches Institut, Universität Trier. Circa 4200 titles in over 5200 physical volumes

  • Egyptology: The Library of Günter Dreyer
  • 1249 titles in ca. 2100 physical volumes. Professor Dr. Günter Dreyer, the former head of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Abteilung Kairo. 1249 titles in ca. 2100 physical volumes

  • Architectural History: The Library of Dr. Henry Dietrich Fernandez
  • 3871 titles in ca. 4000 physical volumes. Including a comprehensive collection of books on the city of Rome, as well as a number of books from related disciplines

  • The Philip Conisbee Library
  • 2876 titles in over 3,000 physical volumes. Although primarily concerned with French art from the 16th to the 19th century, the library has also important concentrations of books on 19th European art (particularly Scandinavian and German) as well as Italian art of the late Renaissance and Baroque periods.

  • Egyptology: The Library of William Kelly Simpson

    One of the most important libraries on the subject remaining in private hands. Over 3,000 titles in ca. 5,200 physical volumes.

    Three collections of the work of modernist graphic designers

  • Walter Dexel
  • Paul Schuitema
  • Piet Zwart
  • An archive of an important figure in modernist scholarship

  • Gyorgy Kepes

    Rare books from the library of Peter A. Wick

  • Fables: Rare books from the library of Peter A. Wick
  • French Romantic Literature, Etc.
  • Writing and Calligraphy Books
  • Immediate Frontier Instant Quantum